Friday, May 14, 2010

Here We Go...

So I decided that I should start a blog so all of our friends and family can share in the joy of our precious little boy, Michael. It is hard being in Texas with most of our family and friends in California and I hope that this blog will keep those we love up to date on what is going in our lives.

We have now been home from the hospital for a few days and are getting settled. The first night home was rough but each day things have been getting better and better. Michael is eating every two to three hours and has had a stretch of 4 -5 hours between feedings once a night (hopefully this continues as it as has allowed me to get some much needed sleep). Having my Mom here helping us has been WONDERFUL!!! I can't even explain how amazing she is and I hope that I will be just as good of a mother as she is :) She leaves tomorrow and Ryan and I will have a few days alone until his Mom arrives on Wednesday. We are looking forward to having her here to visit and helping us out.

Michael's first doctor's appointment went very well. He is gaining back some of the weight he lost at the hospital and we will go back for his two week check-up. He has a "birthmark" on the side of his head that we will monitor as the months go on but the doctor said it will probably be something he has for the rest of his life. It is about an inch long and looks kind of like a patch of dry skin. The doctor said that it is something that can be cosmetically removed but she suggested we wait awhile to see how it develops.

I love being a mommy and can't wait to see where life takes our wonderful family. I know it is going to be a crazy ride!